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2018: what a strange year of change…
The big change of my year was my “home” (this is a “The Greatest Showman” reference) closed in February. It was almost like a funeral. So many nights of drinking, the radio show, our group of friends and gosh, it’s where I took visitors to when they came to Cincy. I still haven’t gotten over Lachey’s closing and probably never will.
It also signified not getting to see Drew anymore. I hoped there would still be ways and reasons, we found one in April and went to “Label•less” at SCPA (Cincinnati School of Creative and Performing Arts). We got to see Drew and family but that would be the last time I saw Drew until the end of November. Maybe I lost mojo when Lachey’s closed.

Maybe, I didn’t feel like it anymore. Cincinnati wasnt the same to me anymore. I didnt move to Cincy only because of Drew or the bar but at times, the people who worked at Lachey’s and the regulars felt like my only friends.

In the time after Lachey’s closed, life was a bit dim. Us regulars from Lachey’s tried going out together, never to another bar except once to go see Holli up at Hightail. (Holli was our favorite manager from Lachey’s.) She was the best. We added the staff to Facebook (if they weren’t already there) and have been keeping up but nothing will replace our “home”. Lachey’s still sits vacant. Somebody sold the sign on eBay for $250. It might even be what prompted this post.
Drew moved on from what I could tell. He moved his family out of OTR (Over the Rhine) and continued to do the stuff he does. Camp Joy events, small local events, and SCPA stuff. I follow quietly but not with the passion I once had.
In July, I went to see a boyband cover band that my friend had been bugging me to see. They are called “Larger Than Life” and they are something special. So much energy, so much talent. Three shows in (I needed the outlet badly), I decided they needed a fan site. After a quick message with their boss, i started and a coordinating Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. These guys have embraced me and allowed me a special role in their success, and in turn, I do whatever I can to promote them. We message on Instagram and follow each other on all social media platforms which is something I never had with Drew. (Yes, let’s not talk about comparing apples to oranges. I know, I know…)
By November, I was not really looking forward to my 98 Degrees Christmas show VIP. The weekend before I was in NY with Larger Than Life as they opened for OTown and it was a blast. But I had spent the money and I was going. The sound check was good. Prior to this, the last interaction I had with Drew was him wishing me Happy Birthday on Twitter. And me wishing I could turn the clock back to the year before at Lachey’s when my kids, my boyfriend at the time, and all my friends were there. The staff was supplying shots, I played Bar vs Car, Holli brought Drew a cupcake, he sung to me and I nearly died. It was everything I ever wanted ever. Anyways, sound check was okay. I, in normal fashion was blurting comments out, “Go ahead Justin”, when he needed to answer a question or “Be nice” to Drew when he was picking on Nick. The photo op was awkward, complete with Drew trying to shake my hand. It was like a slap in the face but I responded with, “Wait you’re not gonna hug me?” He did and then again after the pic, then I hugged everyone else because, why not? I was breaking the rules, but I also knew I’d probably never see these guys again. Or at least not like I had been used to.
After my two shows, I was gonna put my pictures up here and then I remembered I was really done. I put them on the Facebook page. And now after much thought and consideration, I am closing the book on this chapter of my life. Maybe someone new will take over or maybe Drew never really needed this to begin with. I will miss you Drew, but even more I will always miss Lachey’s.
I will leave this site up and the coordinating Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts but I will not be updated any in the future.


Photo Set: Lacheys last 2 days

When someone asked me to try to talk Drew into giving her stuff off the walls at Lacheys last week, I was angry and disappointed. The next day, I was telling another friend about the encounter, and my friend compared it to asking for a deceased family members possessions at the funeral. I hadn’t made the analogy to that point, but she was absolutely right, the end of Lachey’s Bar was like a funeral. Saying goodbye to an old friend, crying tears and remembering all the good times. And just like at a funeral, we did that with “family” and friends. Here’s some pics of Drew and the bar on its final days. We will miss you Lacheys!
































Lachey’s Bar is Closing

I tried to write this blog as impersonal as possible but I know with this post, I won’t be able to. To say yesterday’s news of Lachey’s Bar closing was devastating to me and my friends is an understatement. With a tweet and a facebook post, Lachey’s Bar announced that they were closing permanently on February 11th (we’ve heard that this date is not correct, that it is actually closing on February 10th). Since that moment, my phone blew up with texts, tweets, facebook messages, and facebook notifications. Everybody has the same question as me, “why?”. As of this moment, I don’t have an answer to that question and to be honest, does it really matter? Lachey’s Bar is closing. This blog has posted all the milestones of the bar since the conception was made known. We visited the site during construction, we toured it before it opened, we went on opening day (3 times!), we went to watch the A&E show about the bar, we went for football games, we went for the Anniversary party, we went for the after parties for “Cincy Sings” and both 98 Degrees concerts in Cincy, and we went every Friday night to watch “Live at Lacheys”. We got to know the entire staff and we laughed and cried, celebrated and supported. It wasn’t just a bar to us, it is our second home. Friday nights became known as “Beer and Drew hugs” and often led to a release and escape from a long work week. To be honest, we don’t know where we’re going to go without our second home.

I just want to thank Drew and Nick, 4EG and all the amazing people who made Lachey’s Bar home. I know this is probably more heart wrenching to you than us. Thank you for always being accommodating. Thank you for always being an escape. Thank you for always making sure we had beer and the best tot bowls ever. Thank for you the laughs and the tears. Thank you for the hugs and the chats. You will all be missed dearly. See you Friday and Saturday to go out in style.

Best of Cincinnati 2018

City Beat magazine has come out with its annual “Best of Cincinnati” poll and Lachey’s is nominated in a handful of categories and we think you should cast your vote and help to make them win! You can vote by clicking here. Registration is required and you have until noon on February 1st to make your opinion count and help Lacheys (and Drew) win!

The categories that Lacheys is nominated for:

Happy Hour Food

Pub Food

Trivia Night

Neighborhood Burger Spot

Overall Burgers non chain

Bar/Club Downtown/OTR

Neighborhood Restaurant Downtown/OTR

Veggie Burger

AND for an added bonus…

Cincinnatian: DREW LACHEY!

Photo Set: 98 Degrees At Christmas Tour

Thank you to the really awesome people who are sending me their tour pics! As Drew can attest to, I’m a horrible photographer so I rely on others to send me pics to share with the world. I’m not done sharing yet, so please keep em coming! And big shout out to Stephanie, Danielle, Ryane, Debbie, Jenna, Susan, and Amie for sending me their pics! Please do not share individual pics without permission from these lovely ladies (contact info in captions of each pic).

News Clips from the #98Christmas Tour and media stops

Who’s gotten a chance to take in a #98Christmas show?  We’d love to share your Drew pics with the world!!!!  Please tweet us at for more details- we promise to give you credit!

Wanted to give you all an one stop source for all news and media stops from the #98Christmas tour so here goes:

Nick and Drew Lachey Reveal the Crazy 98 Degrees Gifts They Never Wanted Grandma to See (Exclusive)

98 Degrees’ Nick and Drew Lachey Talk ‘Shamelessly’ Listening to Their Christmas Albums & What to Expect From Holiday Tour

Review: 98 Degrees spectacular at NYCB Theatre at Westbury in New York

98 Degrees brings Christmas to Cache Creek

 From boy band to Broadway and back: 98 Degrees performing at Riverside Saturday

Zero degrees of separation with 98 Degrees

98 Degrees’ 2017 Macy’s Parade Performance Will Take You Right Back To The ’90s

98 Degrees Bring Nostalgia to Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade 2017

98 Degrees performs ‘Because of You’ live on ‘GMA’

The ‘Dancing With the Stars’ finalists compete in a dance-off live on ‘GMA’

98 Degrees Performing ‘Season Of Love’ Is Giving Us Throwback Feels

Greg T Auditions To Be The Fifth Member of 98 Degrees

98 Degrees perform “Season of Love” on KTLA 


Let it Snow – 98 Degrees announces Christmas album & tour this year

This past week was full of hype as the 98 Degrees twitter came to life again, showing us each member of 98 Degrees in posts and reminding us of past tours and making fans remember just how long they’ve loved 98 Degrees!!!!  On Thursday, they promised “Santa is coming tomorrow” and by 9 AM EST Friday, Santa delivered!   He delivered the cover of a shiny new Christmas album of 12 songs that goes on sale October 13th with promises of the title track, “Let it Snow”, “What Christmas Means To Me”, “Little Saint Nick”, and “Run Rudolph Run” and one original song.


And then they delivered another gift, tour dates for their 31 city adventure starting November 10 in Iowa and ending December 23rd in Nevada.  Tickets for most shows go on sale this coming Friday, August 18, 2017 to the general public but it seems there are presales for VIP packages and possibly fan club (What fan club?  Yeah, we wish we knew!).


We will continue to keep you updated as we hear information, so please don’t forget to follow us on twitter and while you’re at it, please join in the conversation on the Just Justin Jeffre facebook group and the Still Loving 98 Degrees and more facebook group and follow the Nick fanatics page on facebook .  All these folks work very hard to try to keep the fans up to date as well!!!

Here’s some articles about the Christmas “gifts”:

98 Degrees Announce New Christmas Album & Holiday Tour

EXCLUSIVE: 98 Degrees Tease ‘Magical’ New Christmas Album ‘Let It Snow’

EXCLUSIVE: Nick Lachey and 98 Degrees Open Up About Their Kids Following In Their Musical Footsteps

98 Degrees Are Back with a New Holiday Record and Tour: ‘We’re Having More Fun Now Than We Ever Did in the Past’

Drew to star in reading of Bulldozer the Musical

Drew did two reading for a new play that hopefully *fingers crossed* will premiere on Broadway in the fall, Bulldozer.  Bulldozer, tells the story of Robert Moses (who Drew will portray) who shaped New York with his control of its park system, streets, bridges, and tunnels.  Its written by Peter Galperin and Scott Kadin.  A good friend was able to attend one of the readings and snuck us some exclusive pictures of Drew reading.  For more about Bulldozer, check out their facebook page and an article from playbill about Drew’s reading.


Photo Set: Cincy Sings 2017

My apologizes again for taking so long to post pictures but I hope these will be well worth it.  Cincy Sings was an incredible display of the talent that lies in the companies through the Queen City.   Christ Hospital took home top honors and also won fan favorite with their “98.6 Degrees” (Can I just say I LOVE their name?!?).  But the real winner was Artswave, with the competition helping them to reach their fundraising goal of 12.25 million for this year.  Some of the pictures are from the semi-finals that took place in March and were hosted by Q102’s Jon Jon. Enjoy!

Photo Set: Drew with the Skivvies in NYC

Drew hit the stage with the Skivvies at Joe’s Pub, last night, March 26, 2017.  His performance, channeled his inner Tom Cruise ala Risky Business.  For the video performance, click here  A big thank you for my amazing friend, Big T – who took all these great shots for use on our site!!!!  Enjoy!

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