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Lachey’s Bar Announced


August 18, 2014: A&E TV network announced they have green lighted Drew and Nick for 10 episodes of a new reality show with working title “Lachey’s Bar” that chronicles the brothers opening a bar in their hometown of Cincinnati, check out some of the articles about their venture:

Nick & Drew to open ‘Lachey’s Bar’ in OTR on A&E series

A&E greenlights Nick and Drew Lachey reality series, ‘Lachey’s Bar’

A&E Orders Bar Reality Series Starring Nick and Drew Lachey

Brothers Nick And Drew Lachey To Open A Sports Bar! Why Is That News? Because It’s Happening On Reality TV!!

Lachey brothers to open OTR bar

Nick and Drew Lachey To Open ‘Lachey’s Bar’ for New Reality Series

Nick, Drew Lachey opening bar in Over-the-Rhine for A&E Network reality show

​Nick & Drew Lachey’s New Reality Series ‘Lachey’s Bar’ Gets Greenlight

Nick and Drew Lachey opening bar in OTR for A&E series



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