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Lachey’s opening updates

Today, it was announced that Lachey’s will officially open on January 1st.  This evening, December 19, 2014, is a ribbon cutting ceremony at 4 PM and rumor has it that the Mayor of Cincinnati, John Cranley, is going to be on hand to declare it “Lachey Day”.

Drew and Nick were on Q102 this afternoon and talked about their experience with going in the bar business and how long they’ve wanted to accomplish this.  Drew says they are most excited for the public to see the women’s bathroom!!  They said they didn’t want it to feel like a regular old sports bar so they went over the top to make the women’s bathroom very nice complete with a lounge and tv!!!

They also said they have wine on tap, a 90 inch TV at the door, and a kitchen that makes everything from scratch with amazing food by executive chef, Brian Duffy.  They want everyone to know they make a mean mojito and they will be around as much as their schedules allow!

Here’s an article about the opening:

WCPO article about Lachey’s opening


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