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Touring Lachey’s Bar

Last night, a couple friends and myself were lucky enough to get a personal tour of Lachey’s Bar from Drew himself and wanted to share with the blog readers,  some of the details of the place (pictures to come!)

We arrived a few minutes early since parking in OTR can be difficult.  I meant to ask Drew for a recommendation for parking and forgot.   We got there before Drew and waited quietly for him.  It was definitely busy with workers and film crew.  First thing you notice besides the huge “L” outside is all the tvs and the ticker showing all kinds of sports scores.  When Drew arrived,  he told us that they officially open to the public January 1st.  I asked about the New Years Eve party that’s being advertised  and he said that the place was being rented out and he would not be there.  He then offered us the “5 cent tour” and walked us around the bend.  There are tables and chairs and a “lounge area” in the back for when it becomes more of a lounge and less of a sports bar at night.  We then met Jonathan Price,  the head chef of the bar, who we chatted briefly about twitter with (he’s new at it but you should still follow him @LacheysChef ) and then he told us how everything is made fresh and there one item that was frozen because that’s how it comes to them (edamame).  He got back to work and Drew then told us about the three architectural items that they had to keep since the building was historic: three large windows in the front,  a balcony (it doesn’t have stairs to go to it), and three doors.  Two were former bathrooms that are now unused closets and the third seemed to go a basement.  I then asked about this epic women’s bathroom.   Drew told us to go for it and invited us to “take it for a spin”.  So we go check the bathroom out:  it is very cool with a tv and lounge area inside. When we came out, Drew was standing in front of a control panel for the tvs. We waited patiently and talked briefly with Nick, congratulating him on Lachey Day, he told us he took the proclamation to his office. Drew started turning on tvs, and Nick started directing what channels he wanted on which tv. It was quite funny to watch the banter between them. When the tvs were set, Drew showed us what will eventually be the pedal cart room. Right now, its the film crews’ staging area. Pedal carts are very popular in Cincy in the warm months and Lachey’s has the very first “pedal cart garage” where the pedal carts can pull in, get served and watch some tv. Drew told us this was one of Nick’s good ideas. When we left the garage area, we hung out at a table for a bit and ask if we can take pictures. Drew said to take as many as we want. We discussed merchandise (its not available yet) and a guy came to mic Drew up for filming and we knew our time is almost over. Drew, Nick and the film crew had a meeting, we were able to watch while we waited. When they were done, Drew came back to us and he said, we had to go so they could start filming. Before we left we we got pictures with each Drew and Nick. Drew then walked us to the door and with one last hug goodbye, we left. Its amazing, I can’t wait to get back to try the food and drinks!

(Thanks to Dollene for editing and additions!)


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