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Recap – June 9th -18th

On Tuesday, June 9th, A&E started airing commercials for their new Wednesday line-up including “Wahlburgers”, followed by “Donnie Loves Jenny” and then the premiere of “Lachey’s: Raising the Bar”.

On Wednesday, June 10th, Entertainment Weekly promo’d the commercial with a short description.  Watch the commercial here:

A&E promo gives first look at Nick and Drew Lachey reality series

On Monday, June 15th, Trevor Bayne stopped by Lachey’s Bar and presented a pair of signed racing gloves to the guys:

Photo by Holli Gerding-

Trevor Bayne with Drew and Nick by Kentucky Speedway @KySpeedway

Photo by Kentucky Speedway-

Kentucky Speedway pic

Photo by Kentucky Speedway –

Lachey's Bar instagram pic of Drew and Nick talking to reporters about the show

Photo by Lachey’s Bar-

On Tuesday, June 16th, an article about Trevor’s visit was published on the Northern Kentucky Tribune’s site with a new pic of Drew, read the article and see pic of Drew with Trevor’s car here:

Kentucky Speedway’s big weekend is coming fast, complete with key NASCAR Sprint Cup race

Also on Tuesday, A&E Network announced that “Wahlburger’s”, “Donnie Loves Jenny”, and “Lachey’s Bar” would premiere on July 15th, read the press release here:

‘Wahlburgers’, ‘Donnie Loves Jenny’, and new docuseries, ‘Lachey’s Bar’ begin Wednesday, July 15 at 9:30PM, 10PM, & 10:30PM ET/PT

On Wednesday, June 17th, Cincinnati Enquirer posted an article giving the premiere date:

‘Lachey’s Bar’ premiere date announced

And on Thursday, June 18th, US Weekly premiered a exclusive clip for Lachey’s Bar as Nick mixes the worse drink ever:

Exclusive Video: Nick Lachey Mixes a Customer’s “Worse Drink Ever” on Lachey’s Bar: Watch the Trailer Now

Be sure to be following A&E Network on twitter, facebook and instagram, because if they promote Lachey’s Bar as much as they promote other shows, we’re about to see A LOT more of Drew and Nick!!!!!


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