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Media Coverage of Lachey’s: Raising the Bar premiere and Lachey’s Bar Premiere Party pics

This is just a start of the media coverage, watched Nick do an interview at the bar last night and Drew told me he did 4 interviews yesterday, I will post as more become available:

In Lachey reality show, Cincy is uncredited star

Lachey’s Bar hosts watch party for ‘Raising the Bar’ reality show

Nick & Drew Lachey – ‘Lachey’s Bar’


Recap – June 9th -18th

On Tuesday, June 9th, A&E started airing commercials for their new Wednesday line-up including “Wahlburgers”, followed by “Donnie Loves Jenny” and then the premiere of “Lachey’s: Raising the Bar”.

On Wednesday, June 10th, Entertainment Weekly promo’d the commercial with a short description.  Watch the commercial here:

A&E promo gives first look at Nick and Drew Lachey reality series

On Monday, June 15th, Trevor Bayne stopped by Lachey’s Bar and presented a pair of signed racing gloves to the guys:

Photo by Holli Gerding-

Trevor Bayne with Drew and Nick by Kentucky Speedway @KySpeedway

Photo by Kentucky Speedway-

Kentucky Speedway pic

Photo by Kentucky Speedway –

Lachey's Bar instagram pic of Drew and Nick talking to reporters about the show

Photo by Lachey’s Bar-

On Tuesday, June 16th, an article about Trevor’s visit was published on the Northern Kentucky Tribune’s site with a new pic of Drew, read the article and see pic of Drew with Trevor’s car here:

Kentucky Speedway’s big weekend is coming fast, complete with key NASCAR Sprint Cup race

Also on Tuesday, A&E Network announced that “Wahlburger’s”, “Donnie Loves Jenny”, and “Lachey’s Bar” would premiere on July 15th, read the press release here:

‘Wahlburgers’, ‘Donnie Loves Jenny’, and new docuseries, ‘Lachey’s Bar’ begin Wednesday, July 15 at 9:30PM, 10PM, & 10:30PM ET/PT

On Wednesday, June 17th, Cincinnati Enquirer posted an article giving the premiere date:

‘Lachey’s Bar’ premiere date announced

And on Thursday, June 18th, US Weekly premiered a exclusive clip for Lachey’s Bar as Nick mixes the worse drink ever:

Exclusive Video: Nick Lachey Mixes a Customer’s “Worse Drink Ever” on Lachey’s Bar: Watch the Trailer Now

Be sure to be following A&E Network on twitter, facebook and instagram, because if they promote Lachey’s Bar as much as they promote other shows, we’re about to see A LOT more of Drew and Nick!!!!!

Cincy Sings Media Coverage


Picture c/o @JackieReau on twitter Striking the boyband pose with Drew from Local 12 from L-R: Bob Herzog, Adam Clements, Eric Gerhardt, Drew, and John Gumm

UPDATED: 3/26/15 to include Drew’s interview with Carol Motsinger from Cincinnati Enquirer

Drew was out hitting the local news and radio stations promoting Cincy Sings:

Drew Lachey is hosting Artswave CincySings

Drew Lachey to host Cincy Sings again

Drew Lachey with Carol Motsinger

I will continue to update with links to any other media outlets that have videos/stories, check back later for more links!

In the meantime, have you bought your tickets to Cincy Sings yet?  The event takes place at Cincinnati Music Hall on April 8th.  Come watch Drew host a fun evening of local company choirs compete for bragging rights and a chance to sing the national anthem at  ArtsWave’s “Art in the Park” Cincinnati Reds game on August 23.

Tickets start at $20.00 but for $50.00 you get to attend a VIP pre-party with Drew and the judges including food and drinks.

More Information


News from the Grand Opening of Lachey’s Bar

Well, today was a big day and I have a post to write about the first day and finally those bathroom pics to share but I wanted to start out with a news recap for everyone:

Lachey’s bar opens in Over-The-Rhine

Lachey’s Bar: Nick and Drew put their money where their mouth is with investment in Cincinnati, OTR

Lachey’s opens in Over-the-Rhine

News recaps from Lachey’s Bar ribbon cuttings and opening updates

Here’s a recap of the news from this weekend regarding Lachey’s Bar:

Lachey brothers cut ribbon on new OTR bar

Lachey’s Bar set to open to public on New Year’s Day

Nick and Drew Lachey’s Sports Bar Will Open January 1

 Ribbon cutting for Lachey’s Bar opening in OTR

There’s a video on this link!

Take a look inside Nick and Drew Lachey’s new bar: SLIDESHOW

Media Coverage of Drew, Lea, and Lachey Arts at PNC Festival of Lights

Here’s a recap of the news coverage of the PNC Festival of Lights Tree Lighting and Member Preview with Drew, Lea, & Lachey Arts:



WCPO’s interview with Drew and Lachey Arts performing for a few:

And their photo gallery of the event:

Local 12’s Josh Knight talks to Drew and more of Lachey Arts performing:



Lachey’s Bar opens mid-December

Kind of not news since we already knew December but  a nice article from the Cincinnati Enquirer:

Exclusive: Lachey’s Bar opening in December