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Photo Set: Lacheys last 2 days

When someone asked me to try to talk Drew into giving her stuff off the walls at Lacheys last week, I was angry and disappointed. The next day, I was telling another friend about the encounter, and my friend compared it to asking for a deceased family members possessions at the funeral. I hadn’t made the analogy to that point, but she was absolutely right, the end of Lachey’s Bar was like a funeral. Saying goodbye to an old friend, crying tears and remembering all the good times. And just like at a funeral, we did that with “family” and friends. Here’s some pics of Drew and the bar on its final days. We will miss you Lacheys!

































Photo Set: 98 Degrees At Christmas Tour

Thank you to the really awesome people who are sending me their tour pics! As Drew can attest to, I’m a horrible photographer so I rely on others to send me pics to share with the world. I’m not done sharing yet, so please keep em coming! And big shout out to Stephanie, Danielle, Ryane, Debbie, Jenna, Susan, and Amie for sending me their pics! Please do not share individual pics without permission from these lovely ladies (contact info in captions of each pic).

Drew to star in reading of Bulldozer the Musical

Drew did two reading for a new play that hopefully *fingers crossed* will premiere on Broadway in the fall, Bulldozer.  Bulldozer, tells the story of Robert Moses (who Drew will portray) who shaped New York with his control of its park system, streets, bridges, and tunnels.  Its written by Peter Galperin and Scott Kadin.  A good friend was able to attend one of the readings and snuck us some exclusive pictures of Drew reading.  For more about Bulldozer, check out their facebook page and an article from playbill about Drew’s reading.


Photo Set: Cincy Sings 2017

My apologizes again for taking so long to post pictures but I hope these will be well worth it.  Cincy Sings was an incredible display of the talent that lies in the companies through the Queen City.   Christ Hospital took home top honors and also won fan favorite with their “98.6 Degrees” (Can I just say I LOVE their name?!?).  But the real winner was Artswave, with the competition helping them to reach their fundraising goal of 12.25 million for this year.  Some of the pictures are from the semi-finals that took place in March and were hosted by Q102’s Jon Jon. Enjoy!

Photo Set: Drew with the Skivvies in NYC

Drew hit the stage with the Skivvies at Joe’s Pub, last night, March 26, 2017.  His performance, channeled his inner Tom Cruise ala Risky Business.  For the video performance, click here  A big thank you for my amazing friend, Big T – who took all these great shots for use on our site!!!!  Enjoy!

Photo Set: Pics of Drew from Multiple My2K Shows

A very big thank you to all the folks that I begged and beat down (not really!) to allow me to share their gorgeous pics of Drew from the My2K Tour.  Please do not use any pics without permission from the owner.  If you have any pics you’d like to share, please feel free to hit me up on twitter, full credit to be given.

Rosemont IL 7/30/16 Photos used with permission by V.  V can be found on twitter @vcwentz :

Cincinnati OH 8/2/16 Photos used with permission by me.  I can be found on twitter: @Emmieleigh or @DrewLacheyFans:

Foxwoods, CT 8/5/16 Photos used with permission by Dory. Dory can be found on twitter @CaribbeanLovely:


Baltimore MD 8/21/2016 Photos used with permission by Dani.  Dani can be found on twitter @openingmynds

MY2K Tour Drew Pics – Macon GA

Our amazing friend, Julia, went to the Macon GA MY2K tour show and graciously agreed to share her pics with our site!!!  Please don’t copy without giving credit.   If you have pics to share, please feel free to hit us up on twitter or Facebook!

Cincy Sings 2016 Pics

Better late than never, right?  Cincy Sings was once a really cool and fun event put on Artswave and hosted by Drew.  All the teams were fantastic but there could be only one winner and Voices of Destiny from P&G won the competition.  Also, while waiting on the judges to deliberate, Drew sung a little bit of “Una Noche” in Spanish.  Enjoy!!

Lachey’s Anniversary Celebration

What a celebration it was!  Who knew there was going to be an impromptu 98 Degrees reunion last night?!  It apparently was a big surprise for Drew and Nick too!  The bar hit capacity at 730 and a line formed all the way down to Vine Street to take pictures with the Lachey brothers!  But the party was amazing!  Congrats to Drew and Nick and the entire Lachey’s Bar staff for a fantastic year!

Photo Set: PNC Festival of Lights Member Preview

Tonight, Drew, Lea, Q102’s Jon Jon, some performers from SCPA, and Lachey Arts were all on hand to help Santa light the tree at the Cincinnati Zoo’s PNC Festival of Lights Member Preview.  Here’s some pics from the event: