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Lachey’s Bar is Closing

I tried to write this blog as impersonal as possible but I know with this post, I won’t be able to. To say yesterday’s news of Lachey’s Bar closing was devastating to me and my friends is an understatement. With a tweet and a facebook post, Lachey’s Bar announced that they were closing permanently on February 11th (we’ve heard that this date is not correct, that it is actually closing on February 10th). Since that moment, my phone blew up with texts, tweets, facebook messages, and facebook notifications. Everybody has the same question as me, “why?”. As of this moment, I don’t have an answer to that question and to be honest, does it really matter? Lachey’s Bar is closing. This blog has posted all the milestones of the bar since the conception was made known. We visited the site during construction, we toured it before it opened, we went on opening day (3 times!), we went to watch the A&E show about the bar, we went for football games, we went for the Anniversary party, we went for the after parties for “Cincy Sings” and both 98 Degrees concerts in Cincy, and we went every Friday night to watch “Live at Lacheys”. We got to know the entire staff and we laughed and cried, celebrated and supported. It wasn’t just a bar to us, it is our second home. Friday nights became known as “Beer and Drew hugs” and often led to a release and escape from a long work week. To be honest, we don’t know where we’re going to go without our second home.

I just want to thank Drew and Nick, 4EG and all the amazing people who made Lachey’s Bar home. I know this is probably more heart wrenching to you than us. Thank you for always being accommodating. Thank you for always being an escape. Thank you for always making sure we had beer and the best tot bowls ever. Thank for you the laughs and the tears. Thank you for the hugs and the chats. You will all be missed dearly. See you Friday and Saturday to go out in style.


News Clips from the #98Christmas Tour and media stops

Who’s gotten a chance to take in a #98Christmas show?  We’d love to share your Drew pics with the world!!!!  Please tweet us at for more details- we promise to give you credit!

Wanted to give you all an one stop source for all news and media stops from the #98Christmas tour so here goes:

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Battle of the Voices – Review

I had no intentions of travelling to Canada to see Drew.  Then, I realized it was a 6 1/2 hour drive (closer to me then my frequent Cincy trips) and then somehow I pulled up front row and bam, it was on.  It was my first time in Canada and it took longer to get there then expected since it was a holiday weekend.  We saw the July 3rd show, it apparently was the only day without a matinee afternoon show.  I watch “The Voice” pretty regularly so I was familiar with 3 out of 5 contestants and I grew up watching MMC and caught Tony Lucca a couple summers ago so I was most excited to see him (well, besides seeing Drew!).  My only real complaint about the whole show was their camera policy or lack of – first they told me I couldn’t use my camera (its kind of big but not at all a professional camera) but I could use my cell.  My phone takes horrible pics and half way through Round 1, the usher came and told me to stop taking pics (I wasn’t even using flash).  I didn’t argue with her although it was frustrating but in hindsight, I probably enjoyed the show more that way.  Drew was his usual funny self as host, he engaged the audience well and cracked some jokes.  He even made a quick 98 Degrees reference.  All 5 contestants, Matt Giraud, Lakisha Jones, Josh Logan, Bria Kelly, and Tony Lucca each sung two rounds of songs and there was a few duets thrown in the middle and some group songs.  We watched a video bio for each contestant and when it was over, the audience got to vote.  All five artists were very good!  I was most taken by Matt’s energy, playing the piano and jumping around the stage and Tony’s version of Britney Spears’ “Baby Hit Me One More Time” has always been one of my favorite songs to hear him perform.

There was a few more songs and then Drew came out carrying a card with the winner and there was some dramatic “Voice” type pauses and he announced the winner, it was Lakisha on our night.  Confetti fell from the sky and everyone danced and sung a last song.

“Battle of The Voices” continues between now and July 8th at Fallsview Casino in Niagara Falls, Canada… tickets still available here

Here’s a couple pics of Drew from the show:


used with permission by Tony Barcinas


used with permission by Tony Barcinas

My review of the Opening Day at Lachey’s Bar

Disclaimer:  This blog post reflects my personal opinion and I am a bit biased but with that said, here we go:

We arrived at Lachey’s Bar at 10:40 (it opened at 11) and were a little nervous that there was no line or crowd.  But we saw people and news cameras inside.  About a minute later, we were greeted and invited in.  So, we sat in the first booth to the left of the door.  Since we had already been inside, we didn’t have an overwhelming need to explore the place.  The menus were paper and doubled as placemats.  Our waitress (sorry I don’t remember her name and I truly meant to remember but she was great! I do remember she had gray nails that we talked about them matching the color of the walls) came and greeted us and I nervously welcomed her.  Yes, I was excited and awkward.  We ordered drinks and tried to decide on food.  Me telling my friends of the items that Brian Duffy (IG: chefbriduff) and Jon Price (IG: chefjonprice) had already instagrammed. It all looked so delicious in the pics. I had already decided on a Cubano  (and to be honest, I had no idea what a Cubano was before I saw it on IG but it looked so good). Drew tweeted it was 15 minutes to opening to which I responded with “we’re already inside, where are YOU?!”.  We ordered our food and a reporter from Fox 19 came and talked to us.  He asked if we had any celebrity sightings.  Nope, not yet.  Where is DREW!?!   When our food came, the reporter from WCPO came and videoed a little by our table.  He didn’t even speak to us, it was strange.  The food looked great!  I instagrammed all my food (if you’re interested, my IG is: Emmieleigh77 ).  And that Cubano was just as delicious as it looked like it would be!  It was soon after that, that we met Kayla (twitter @kayjdunn ) for the first time.  I’m not even sure what Kayla’s job (she says: bartender, server, badass) is but she came over to fill up our water glasses and we started talking and she was incredibly sweet.  She was telling us about filming for the tv show and how much fun the food tastings had been.  I asked if Drew was coming (I couldn’t help myself) – she went on to tell us that he would be around as often as possible and that he lived in Cincy (she had no idea of my extensive Drew knowledge yet!) and that she was sure he’d be around eventually. The place was starting to get busy and it was already seeming to be a wait for a table before we left.  We could tell there was a few minor glitches they were working through as every place would on its first day but every single staff member was smiling and taking it all in stride.

We next headed back when Drew tweeted.  The place was packed and we heard that there was an hour and a half wait for a table.  We really wanted to just say hi and congratulate Drew.  As we were coming in, Drew waved, he was on the phone and with his family.  We stood off to the side and waited and he came over and hugged us and we told him how great the place is and he asked what we ordered and how the food was.  We told him about being interviewed for the news and he told us he was too.  He also told us merchandise was now for sale. We had no idea and didn’t think to ask when we were in the first time.  We talked for a bit and he went back to his family.  He said he’d be back later and we had already decided we were coming back too.  We talked to his lovely wife, Lea, for a moment too.  Lea also asked what we ate and what we thought of the food.  Then we chatted up Justin for a moment and met Bob Deck.   The place was booming when we left for the second time.

Our third time back was a little after 8 and the Ohio State game had started and it was crowded.  We were told it was a hour and a half wait for a table.   We ordered a couple of beers and hung out.  At some point, Kayla noticed us and told us we missed Drew.  We told her we did come back to see him and we chatted a bit.  The manager, Lance, came and checked up on us several times and told us that most people weren’t leaving because of the Ohio state game and that he would sit us on the stage if he had extra chairs (he was serious but we really didn’t want to sit on the DJ stage!).  We kept telling him that we were good. One major thing I noticed was the staff were all still smiling!  Finally, we got seated and our waitress, Jenna, greets us and says “y’all were here earlier, right?”.  Yep.  We kept hearing we needed to try the tots so we ordered two different types of tots and of course, they were fantastic!   We saw Jon Price walk by so we decided to grab him for a moment and let him know how good the food was.  He looked exhausted and we knew it had been a crazy busy first day.  Then, we talked food with Justin too.  And in true me fashion, I asked if he knew when Drew was coming back.  He says “Ohhh, he’s back”.  This time, I ordered the “Hair of the Dog” burger – it has goetta and a fried egg on it. Goetta is a Cincy thing that I tried back on my birthday trip and I absolutely LOVED it.  It was really good but I had only a couple of bites before I was full since I had ate so many tots.  So, I asked for a box.  Jenna tells us we are the talk of the staff.  We’re  all a little embarrassed.   Me especially since I was careful not to blast my blog or that I have more pictures with Drew in the last 2 years than with my boyfriend.  She says it was not a bad thing.  We also chatted with Kayla again before paying our tabs and taking our beers to head over to the other side where Drew was.  When we got over to Drew’s side, he was with Justin and other friends and stood up to talk with us.  I joked about almost stealing a pen since it had the logo and then wanting to steal a glass with the logo.   He said that Nick was checking in frequently and we all knew Nick wanted to be there but with Vanessa being due any day, he couldn’t leave LA.  I told him that Brian Duffy was also checking in with IG comments.  We took pictures with him and discussed food and purse hooks (the bar had purse hooks, Lea’s idea, Drew says).  He told us merchandise should be on the website in about a week and that in February they’ll be open for lunch every day.   My friends had to work in the morning and I had a long drive in the morning so we got hugs and headed out around 11:30.

Definitely recommend trying it out and ya never know if you’ll run into Drew there and even if you don’t…the delicious food and fantastic staff and TVs all around are plenty of reasons to go all on their own!!