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Photo Set: 98 Degrees At Christmas Tour

Thank you to the really awesome people who are sending me their tour pics! As Drew can attest to, I’m a horrible photographer so I rely on others to send me pics to share with the world. I’m not done sharing yet, so please keep em coming! And big shout out to Stephanie, Danielle, Ryane, Debbie, Jenna, Susan, and Amie for sending me their pics! Please do not share individual pics without permission from these lovely ladies (contact info in captions of each pic).


Photo Set: PNC Festival of Lights Member Preview

Tonight, Drew, Lea, Q102’s Jon Jon, some performers from SCPA, and Lachey Arts were all on hand to help Santa light the tree at the Cincinnati Zoo’s PNC Festival of Lights Member Preview.  Here’s some pics from the event:


Drew and Lea choreographing “A Christmas Melody”

Mariah Carey was in Cincinnati filming a movie for Hallmark Channel in Cincinnati and it was all over the news.  There was Mariah sightings and Wyoming was decked out like Christmas came early.  And behind the scenes, Drew and Lea were helping Mariah by choreographing scenes and bringing some of their Lachey Arts kids to star in a scene shot for the movie that premieres on the Hallmark Channel on December 19, 2015.  Per John Kiesewetter’s article on, Lea will also have a small role in the movie.  Lacey Chabert (star of Mean Girls) also stars in the movie and tweeted this pic of her and her sister with Drew from the set:

Lacey Chabert, Drew and Lacey's sister from

Lacey Chabert, Drew and Lacey’s sister – from Lacey’s twitter acct (@IamLaceyChabert)

This isn’t the first time Drew and Lea worked on choreographing movie in Cincinnati, they worked together on a scene for “Miles Ahead” and did some work on “Carol”.


Lea, Emayatzy Corinealdi, Zack Grubbs, and Drew per Lea’s twitter August 2014

Media Coverage of Drew, Lea, and Lachey Arts at PNC Festival of Lights

Here’s a recap of the news coverage of the PNC Festival of Lights Tree Lighting and Member Preview with Drew, Lea, & Lachey Arts:



WCPO’s interview with Drew and Lachey Arts performing for a few:

And their photo gallery of the event:

Local 12’s Josh Knight talks to Drew and more of Lachey Arts performing:



Drew, Lea, and Lachey Arts at Festival of Lights

Photo from last year’s Festival of Lights

For the 2nd year in the row, Drew, Lea, and Lachey Arts (along with Q102’s Jon Jon) will light up the tree at the Member Only preview of Festival of Lights at the Cincinnati Zoo.  Event is 11/21 at 6 PM and you must be a member of the zoo to attend.  More information here: PNC Festival of Lights

Guess Who’s Coming to Christmas update

Was hoping Guess Who’s Coming to Christmas was going to be picked up by another network for the holiday season since it seemed so many didn’t get UpTV; however, its not looking that way :/  Butttttt, I just learned that it is going to be released on DVD 11/11/14 and is available for preorder from several vendors.  The cheapest I found it was at Target for $12.99, no word on if it’ll be available to buy in stores as of yet!

And if you want to just watch the movie on UpTV, it shows for the first time this holiday season on 11/7/14 at 9PM EST.